Welcome to Transformational Health

Our family clinic is dedicated to improving your quality of life through personalized and holistic healthcare.

More and more people are realizing that there is more to being healthy than just going to the doctor when they are sick. In addition to providing proactive medical care, Transformational Health works to provide the most safe and effective treatments possible.

At Transformational Health, we strive to find and treat the root cause of diseases as opposed to simply reducing diseases symptoms. We believe that each person is unique and therefore requires personalized healthcare.

What to expect in your first visit

Initial consultation visits consist of a fully licensed naturopathic doctor listening attentively to your health history and providing a personalized health plan that addresses both your current symptoms as well as begins to outline what you require for future optimal health.

Identifying and diagnosing the root cause of diseases occurs through both conventional methods, such as conventional laboratory testing and physical examinations, and alternative methods, such as alternative laboratory tests and subtle energy assessment through craniosacral therapy and visceral manipulation.

Therapies provided include lifestyle counseling including diet, exercise and stress management, nutritional supplementation, botanical medicine, homeopathic medicine, B12 injections and Reiki.

Insurances accepted

  • First Choice
  • Lifewise
  • Premera
  • Regence
  • Aetna: certain plans
  • Cigna: out-of-network
  • United: out-of-network